Florida day 1: Travel day

After waking up very early (4am) and running on just two hours sleep (I was way too excited to sleep, haha!) we made our way to Manchester airport. After checking in we headed to giraffe for breakfast, which is always amazing – I had the French toast which was gorgeous and it definitely filled me up before the long flight. After this we headed to whsmiths to pick up some magazines and snacks for the flight, because plane food is definitely not my favourite, haha!
We then boarded our flight and a few minutes later we were up in the air,and on our way.I am absolutly fine flying so the flight didn’t bother me at all, but it definitely felt like it dragged on. It was a 9 hour flight and it seemed to take forever, but finally after 4 long films later we arrived, we got through immigration really quickly compared with other trips and then headed straight to cinnabon to get a cinnamon roll, one of my favourite American snacks – if you’re ever in the states you must try one, they are SO good!

a09b2-img_20170806_165413_143After this we boarded Disney’s magical express and made are way to the hotel, Port Orleans Riverside. The resort was perfect for us, themed to New Orleans and it was absolutely huge! The resort is split into two parts, and are room was in the ‘Alligator Bayou’ which was so well themed, even though I was pretty scared an alligator was going to jump out anytime, haha!The pictures below show the main area of the resort, which features the check in area, a huge gift shop, two restaurants and a bar.


After checking in we quickly unpacked and explored the resort,which we still couldn’t believe the size of! The resort had 5 differently themed pools, So we were spoilt for choice. After exploring we then headed to the food court for our dinner, which was huge! There was also so much more choice food wise compared to Disney hotels we’ve stayed in in the past. I had a blackened chicken flatbread covered in Chipotle sauce, and I loved it but it was way too big too finish sadly, Disney flatbreads really are amazing! We also picked up our refillable mugs which were included free with are dining plan, which really saves so much money, if you are thinking of getting the dining plan I would say it’s 100% worth it. I don’t even want to think how much we would have spent without it, as Disney prices for food and drink are pretty high!
We then explored the hotels shop which was huge and jam packed full of Disney merchandise, I could have easily browsed there all night, and spent all of my spending money on our first night,haha! I am obsessed with Disney merchandise myself so I was certainly in my element with all the treats, mugs and ornaments. We then made our way back to the room, which was definitely a struggle as the hotel was huge and every corner seemed to look identical, which we soon got the hang of as the days went on.


After finishing our unpacking and showering we were all shattered after a long day of travelling, so decided to get an early night ready for our jam packed first full day, and headed to bed!I hope you enjoyed the start of this little blog series, be sure to stay tuned for day two, which will be coming soon.

Kate x

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